We take your company’s event and partner with you to turn it into multi-media, multi-sensory learning experience. We provide all or part of what’s needed – concept development, main stage and workshop programming, keynote speakers, workshop leaders, and logistics support. What makes us unique is our ability to deliver your intended message to your desired audience in a manner that makes it stick and delivers long-term, measurable results.

What kind of custom event can RAVE! create for you?

Talent Acquisition Events – An engaging environment where prospective talent can learn about your people, your brand and what it takes to be successful in your organization. Simultaneously, prospective talent has the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and have their resume “come alive.” A RAVE! recruitment event is an event where people can be themselves.

Leadership Development Events – Leadership is not something that can be taught sitting in a classroom; it needs to be developed and demonstrated in real-time. Through our “leadership laboratories”, leaders flex their people skills while learning to overcome obstacles and challenges. These new skills are immediately implementable back in workplace teams.

New Employee Orientations and Brand Education Events
– New hire training isn’t just about learning the ropes; it’s about getting new employees excited about their new position and the brand. It is estimated that a poorly planned on-boarding program can cost 150% of an employee’s salary in lost productivity in the first year alone. RAVE!’s experiential training provides the framework to teach the essential information and skills it takes to get started. These events are the perfect platform for new hires to begin to “live and breathe” any company’s core values and behaviors.

Employee Morale and Recognition Events
– A Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey reports that 79% of employees listed “lack of appreciation” as one of the top reasons they would leave a job. To retain valuable employees, managers need to proactively create positive and appreciative work environments to recognize and reward employee performance. A high energy interactive RAVE! experiential event is the perfect way to maximize any employee retention programs while developing employee skill sets.

Product Launch and Rollout Events
– These events catapult new products and ideas while driving excitement and knowledge through fresh resources, innovative processes and emerging technologies. Whether internal or external, these events achieve desired awareness and results.