We specialize in programs that engage minds, move bodies, and connect the hearts of people. Most of all, they’re fun! Whether it’s an evening entertainment option or an “out-of-the-box” team-building activity, we’ll engage teammates in an activity that uniquely brings together discovery, learning, and fun.

Here’s just a sampling of our most popular programs.


The Cardboard Boat Regatta

Looking for a truly unique activity for your next meeting or event? Look no further than our Cardboard Boat Regatta! The Cardboard Boat Regatta is a high-impact team-building activity that helps identify leadership characteristics of your attendees in an exciting, hands-on, fun environment.

Stage 1: The Boat Build In Stage 1, teams design and build a human-powered boat made of cardboard. During this stage, teams use problem-solving and interpersonal skills to navigate through challenges that arise during the boat-building process. Group leaders can observe how their teams work together and draw real-world parallels to the issues they face as a team.

Stage 2: Race Day In Stage 2, team captains race against the other teams to “sail” their boats the length of a pool and back. This allows the teams to see how their planning, teamwork and strategy come together by putting their work into action. Participants enjoy this high-energy event, cheering their teams to victory or to a watery demise!

The Award Ceremony No Cardboard Boat Regatta would be complete without the Award Ceremony to recognize great displays of teamwork, design and of course, the occasional sinking.

The Cardboard Boat Regatta can be customized to your meeting’s theme. All event materials are included and we provide a trained facilitator/emcee your event.



Are you ready for a new discussion about diversity? In our ever-changing global environment, today’s diversity is less about what separates us and more about leveraging and celebrating our uniqueness as strengths. The focus needs to be on creating an environment of inclusion. No program does that better, than our one-of-a kind event – CARNIVALÉ!

CARNIVALÉ! is a two-part activity that allows your attendees to discover the diversity of the group and then honor that diversity in a celebration of music, movement and sound.

Mas Camp. It all begins with Mas Camp. Here, teams identify elements of their diversity which they must then reflect in the building of their own “Carnival” costume. They learn to vocalize how their differences can be strengths and build a “Team Elevator Pitch”, which combined with their costume, creates the “Team Strut”.

Carnival Parade. After Mas Camp, teams present their “Team Strut” in a festive, high-energy display of unity through the Carnival parade.

Award Ceremony. The parade is followed with the CARNIVALÉ Award Ceremony to acknowledge exceptional displays of teamwork, leadership and creativity.

CARNIVALÉ! can be customized to most meeting’s theme. All event materials and a trained facilitator/ emcee are provided.

See creativity unleashed in CARNIVALÉ! You’ll be amazed at what your attendees can create.


Let the Games Begin

Ready for a fun and exciting team building event that brings the energy through the roof?  Then, you’re ready to experience Let the Games BeginIt’s unique because it taps into the kid in all of us. Whether you choose one of our already designed games or have us create a custom program for you, we’ll make sure your event allows everyone to get involved in the action and boosts group morale.

Let the Games Begin has 3 different formats to choose from:

  • In It To Win It – This Minute to Win It®–styled game is our most popular.  It gets your entire group up and moving in physical challenges with everyday household items. Learn more…
  • Trivial Pursuit® 2.0 – Played in teams, this high-tech Trivia Game asks questions from categories like music, sports, and entertainment. Trivia can also be tailored to reflect information regarding specific companies or organizations.
  • The Face-Off – Teams “face-off” in this Family Feud® like game that is arranged so everyone plays.
  • Prizes. During these events, groups can play for prizes or for charity – instantly involving attendees in corporate responsibility or community service initiatives.

Let the Games Begin can be customized to a meeting’s theme and modified to fit any time frame. All event materials and a trained facilitator/emcee are provided.

If you are looking to bond as a team or boost morale, there is no better way to do it than Let the Games Begin!


BlackBelt Breakthrough

Ready for a real-life break-through experience? BlackBelt Breakthrough is a liberating production that ignites the energy and true leadership potential of every participant.

The Experience. Attendees are immersed in a high-energy environment, with people cheering and music pounding. As the energy soars, individuals look straight into a one-inch thick piece of wood. Whatever has been holding them back is written on the front, while whatever waits for them lies on the other side. The countdown begins 3…2…1…, and with fortitude, they have broken the board in two. At that moment, they have started a real-life BREAKthrough.

In this vibrant presentation, each person will gain a strong appreciation for their impact on others, along with enthusiasm to take on new initiatives with true passion and zeal. Through this exercise, individuals learn how to be their best when their best is called for.

BlackBelt Breakthrough can be customized to most meeting’s theme. All event materials are provided.



DiSCoverU is an exciting program that pushes attendees to further understand themselves, comprehend others, and realize the impact of their behavior on the people around them. This event is designed to encourage communication, productivity, and both personal and professional success.

Assessment. Each individual will receive the DiSC behavioral assessment – a detailed 23-page report that offers personalized feedback regarding strengths and challenges of their work style.

Outcome. The assessment, in combination with specific communication and teamwork activities, will help attendees understand why they act and react in the ways that they do, and find ways to adapt in a variety of professional situations. In addition, the report teaches the significance of the DiSC model, and allows participants to see how other types of people may have different, but equally valid preferences.

DiSCoverU is done in an interactive and stress-free environment that encourages the diversity of thoughts, ideas and approaches. All event materials are provided.